JRC Charter

Chapter 1. Preliminaries

The International Joint Research Center of Water Science and Engineering (herein after referred to as ‘JRC’), hosted by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (the ‘Host’) with support from its 4 international partners:
Deltares, the Netherlands,
HR Wallingford, U.K.,
UNESCO-IHE, the Netherlands,
George Mason University, U.S.A., and
Black Sea – Danube Association of Research and Development, Bulgaria,
sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China and the Ministry of Water Resources, China, is an open and active international partnership of knowledge in the field of water science and engineering.

Chapter 2. Vision

The purpose of the JRC is to combine the strength of all JRC partners and enhance the capacity of each partner jointly so as to:
– Deliver capable professionals in the water sector;
– Find innovative solutions for water challenges;
– Promote capacity building of sustainable water management.

Chapter 3. Joint Activities

JRC Partners agree jointly to develop and implement applied and solution-oriented research projects in water sector. JRC Partners shall be pro-actively involved in the discovery of opportunities of collaborative research projects either publicly or privately funded. Implementation of projects shall be based on individual contracts reached between involved JRC Partners.
JRC Partners shall share and disseminate information, knowledge and experiences through agreed means of communication, stimulate the accessibility of their networks, and cooperate or jointly coordinate in international water events, to enhance the mobility and connectivity of water and environment professionals, including alumni and community practice.
Other bi- or multi-lateral initiatives / programs / projects between JRC Partners under this Charter shall be carried out on the basis of individual contracts or other written documents between JRC Partners.

Chapter 4. Organization

The permanent organs of the JRC shall be composed of the Steering Committee, the Technical Committee, the Executive Director, and the Secretariat.
The Steering Committee, nominated by all JRC Partners, functions as the top decision making body of the JRC, and oversees the overall work of the JRC. It is accountable to China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Water Resources for all the activities under the framework of the JRC.
The Technical Committee, nominated by all JRC Partners and approved by the Steering Committee, functions as the top consultative organ of JRC for academic issues.
The Executive Director shall be recruited by the Host to the consent of all standing members of the Steering Committee. Responsibilities of the Executive Director shall include but not limited to:
– supervision of the implementation of all joint activities;
– guidance of the work of the Secretariat as its direct supervisor;
– leadership in the update of the Framework of Development
– leadership in the networking of the JRC;
– other responsibilities entrusted by the Steering Committee.
A Secretariat, headed by the Executive Director, shall be set up at the Host, and all personnel and facilities required by the Secretariat will be provided by the Host unless agreed upon otherwise. The Secretariat shall bear the following responsibilities:
– to facilitate communication & exchange between JRC Partners;
– to draft Annual Work Report;
– to draft Work Plan for the next year;
– to coordinate the Steering Committee / Technical Committee / Coordinator meetings with meeting host(s);
– to update biennially the Framework of Development of the JRC;
– other routine work of the JRC.

Chapter 5. Working Mechanism

The Steering Committee meets biennially in person or by means of tele-meeting or other possible ways to appraise updates of the Framework of Development, assess the Work Report of the Executive Director and make important decisions on behalf of JRC. Place of the meeting shall be determined by host of the meeting and agreed upon by all JRC Partners.
The Technical Committee meets annually in person or by means of tele-meeting or other possible ways for appraisal of the Annual Work Plan, and to identify priorities of collaboration in the Annual Work Plan of the next year. Place of the meeting in person shall be determined by the host of the meeting and agreed upon by all JRC Partners.
In carrying out the activities, each JRC Partner will appoint one coordinator as the contact person responsible for coordination and communication among JRC Partners. All formal communications under this Charter shall be made in traceable manners including written forms or others.

Chapter 6. Rights and Obligations

JRC Partners are entitled to the following rights:
– to participate in joint activities under the JRC and have access to information and material provided by JRC;
– to access files, information, data, and background material of joint activities and participate in relevant academic conferences;
– to fully express their opinions and/or reserve their judgment in decision-making;
– to express views and make recommendations to JRC.
JRC Partners shall undertake the following obligations:
– to comply with laws, regulations of the country where joint activities take place;
– to participate actively in joint activities under the JRC;
– to remain objective and fair in joint activities;
– to mobilize available resources to ensure the continuity of joint activities they are involved in;
– to accept evaluations as qualified Partners by third parties entrusted by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.
No JRC Partner shall engage in commercial activities in the name of the JRC without prior consent of the Steering Committee.

Chapter 7. Intellectual Property Rights

JRC Partners agree to apply copyrights and intellectual property rights, all of which shall be addressed under a contract for each of their joint activities.

Chapter 8. Finance

For the Steering Committee / Technical Committee / Coordinators meetings, all expenses related to arrangements of the meeting, including but not limited to venue rent, stationery, interpretation, etc., shall be borne by the host of the meetings. International travel and accommodation shall be covered by the JRC Partners for their own participants.
For joint activities, the involved JRC Partners shall jointly develop a financing mechanism to secure the implementation of the activities. JRC Partners may also independently and concurrently seek funds to support and complement joint activities under the JRC. These may originate as grants and donations from official donors to JRC Partner(s), who shall be accountable for the management of these funds.

Chapter 9. Amendments and Modifications

This Charter may be amended, modified, superseded or terminated by written agreements of all parties hereto at the time of such action.

Chapter 10. Joining, Withdrawing and Terminating the Partnership

To keep the JRC as an active and open international partnership of knowledge in the field of water science and engineering, other public or private entities could join the JRC by sending the Executive Director through the Secretariat a Letter of Intent. A Declaration of Membership shall be signed between the JRC and the joining entity at the consent of the Steering Committee to start the official partnership of the latter. Any Declaration of Membership shall be considered as a part of this Charter.
A JRC Partner could withdraw or suspend its participation under the present Charter by giving a written notice, 6 months in advance, to the Steering Committee or Executive Director through the Secretariat who shall acknowledge thereof.
JRC Partnership could be terminated by a written notice, 6 months in advance, from the Executive Director endorsed by authorization of the Steering Committee.

Chapter 11. Miscellaneous

This Charter will become effective for all Partners, with no retroactive effect upon activities and projects previously existing, when all signatures by the JRC Partners’ Representatives have been put.
The Steering Committee is responsible for the interpretation of the Charter. Outstanding issues shall be decided by the meeting of Steering Committee.
In witness thereof, the undersigned, authorized by their respective organizations, have signed this Charter on 30 May, 2015 at Nanjing, P. R. China in English. In case of any inconsistencies that may arise from transition to other languages, the text in the English language shall prevail.