HydroSOS 2019: the 2nd Technical Workshop of the WMO Global Hydrological Status and Outlook System

Globally there is an increasing number of people at risk from water-related hazards and rapidly growing demands on water resources. The regional hydrological status and future trends are fundamental to ensure sustainable economic and social development, achieve effective management of regional water resources and guarantee regional water security. However, there is currently no operational global system which is capable of assessing the current status of surface and groundwater systems or predicting how they will change in the immediate future.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is currently developing a Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS). The HydroSOS plans to provide the crucial global scale information needed to help decision makers and citizens understand the current status of the world’s freshwater systems and adapt in light of the near-future outlook by harnessing new technologies and link up other initiatives to enable us to better answer questions like: The long-term aim of HydroSOS is to develop a worldwide operational system at monthly timescale capable of providing:

  • An indication of the current global hydrological status (including: groundwater, river flow, soil moisture);
  • An appraisal of where this status is significantly different from ‘normal’ (for example, indicating drought and flood situations);
  • An assessment of where this is likely to get worse over coming weeks and months.

The HydroSOS is intending to provide the latest hydrological status information at basin, regional and global scales for national meteorological and hydrological departments as well as other end users. For the R&D of this system, the 2nd Technical Workshop of the WMO Global Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS) will be held in 2019.

Nov. 11-15, 2019, Nanjing, China.


  • WMO-CHy
  • Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute (NHRI)


  • Research Center of Climate Change, MWR
  • State Key Lab of Hydrology-Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering
  • International Joint Research Center of Water Science and Engineering


  • Information Center, MWR
  • Hohai University
  • Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology


  • Nov.10, Registration
  • Nov.11, Opening Ceremony,Keynotes,academic exchange
  • Nov.12-13, WMO-HydroSOS Working Group Meeting
  • Nov.14,Technical Tour


  • Address: No.223, Guangzhou Road, Nanjing, China
  • Phone: +86-25-85828116
  • Email: lstang@nhri.cn


Agenda for Nov. 11, 2019