MOST Calls for Inter-Governmental R&D Cooperation Projects

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has recently released a new call for inter-government R&D cooperation projects under the National Key Research & Development Program involving cooperation with 19 countries around the globe.

Important Dates

Online applications should be made before Feb. 2, 2018 .

Schemes of Funding

A brief overview of the funding schemes is as follow:

# Country Areas Funding (Mil.) / Projects
1.1 Finland Clean technology, urbanization, etc. CNY12/10
1.5 Hungary Environment protection, energy use, etc. CNY4/4
1.6 Poland Energy science and technology, including new energy development, renewable energy use; environment science and technology, including environment protection, water resource management, pollution control, etc. CNY24~32/6~8
2.0 Japan Environment and energy CNY10/1;CNY30/10
2.1 South Korea Renewable energy CNY27/3
2.4 Thailand Energy CNY10/10
2.5 Thailand Energy CNY10/10
2.6 Vietnam New and renewable energy CNY8/4
2.8 Canada Clean technology CNY5.5/6
3.0 EU Energy, transport, water and sustainable urbanization CNY200/40~60
3.1 Uzbekistan Energy and energy saving, new material, earth science, ecology CNY10/10
3.2 Bulgaria Energy and environment protection CNY1.4~2.8/1~2
3.4 Israel Innovative soil and water technology, smart city for sustainable life CNY16/8
3.6 Greece Energy (including renewable energy and energy saving), environment, transport, ocean CNY30/20~25
3.7 Russia Energy and engery saving, rational use of natural resources and environment protection, new material, and ocean studies CNY21.6/6

More details could be found at the MOST page.