MOST calls for projects of inter-government cooperation of 2018

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has released its first call for projects of inter-government cooperation.

Important Dates

Time window for online proposal: 8:00 16 Apr. to 17:00 15 May, 2018

Funding Scheme

Water-related schemes are as follow.

# Country or region Funded areas Fund (mil.) / Projects Special requirements
1.5 New Zealand Water resources CNY5/3 Simultaneous proposals to both governments
1.7 BRICS countries Renewable energy and energy efficiecy CNY60/20 Partners from China and another 2 BRICS countires; joint proposal and confirmation
1.8 UNEP Continental or maritime eco-systems (including water resources), climate change and adaptation CNY40/5 Projects in Asia and Africa only
2.1 Denmark Water treatment and climatic challenges CNY20/4-6 Participation of companies and industrial application appreciated
2.2.1 EU Environment and sustainability CNY60/4-5 3 or more Chinese partners; joint proposal to Horizon 2020
2.2.2 EU Public security CNY50/15 (<CNY3 each) Joint proposal to Horizon 2020

Further details

Please visit MOST page for more details.