MOST to fund China-Romania and China-Bulgaria projects of mobility

According to bilateral S&T agreements, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology is calling for proposals of mobility projects for the 43rd meeting of China-Romania S&T cooperation committee and 16th meeting of China-Bulgaria S&T cooperation committee.

I. Requirements

  1. Prioritized areas of cooperation will include but not limited to agriculture, health, environment, information and communications for China-Romania cooperation, biotechnology, sustainable agriculture, information and communication, energy and environment, medicine, chemistry and chemical engineering, physical sciences, technical sciences, economics and management for China-Bulgaria cooperation.
  2. Agreements should be reached beforehand between parties involved in the proposal.
  3. Proposals from National Base of International S&T Cooperation* shall be prioritized.
  4. Projects are to be finished or milestones reached within two years.

II. Funding

Projects enlisted will be provided with mobility funds from each country’s government. Other expenses for the projects shall be borne by parties involved in the project themselves.

III. Timing

  1. The call is going to be closed by 9 March, 2018.
  2. Enlisted projects will be notified while others not.

More details

More details could be fund on the CISTC page.

* JRC is one of the National Base of International S&T Cooperation.