The 2nd Meeting of International Steering Committee and Technical Committee Concludes in Nanjing

On Oct. 18, 2017, the 2nd Meeting of International Steering Committee and Technical Committee of the International Joint Research Center of Water Science and Engineering (JRC) was held in Nanjing. NHRI Vice President LI Yun, JRC director delivered a welcome speech, and Ms. WANG Jinsu, deputy director of MWR Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, attended the meeting and addressed at the meeting.

Vice President LI Yun reviewed the cooperation achievements since the official opening of JRC in May 2015. He pointed out that NHRI had successfully cooperated with SEI, SIWI and Deltares for the joint research project Tendency of and Measures for Regional Water Security in the Process of Urbanization — Taking the Taihu Lake as an Example, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which was one of the cooperation contents of CEWP. Activities of technical seminars, researcher visits and training have taken place, and the project is about to be successfully concluded. NHRI has kept a cooperative friendship with Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Center and Black Sea – Danube Coastal Association for Research and Development (BDCA) over 30 years. Now we are carrying out the Sino-Bulgarian intergovernmental research cooperation project Composite Modelling of Urban Flooding in Coastal and Estuarine Areas, and have made many trials on the joint application of EU Horizon 2020 projects. UNESCO-IHE is now renamed as IHE Delft, which has cultivated many professionals for NHRI in addition to its long-term cooperation of research projects with NHRI. Currently we are cooperating for the project Tidal Flat – Channel Morphodynamic Process of Silty-Muddy Coast and Its Response to Large Scale Contiguous Reclamation funded by NSFC and NOW respectively, and a PhD candidate is jointly cultivated. Within the framework of CEWP, two leading institutions in Sweden and the Netherlands of PI funded projects select NHRI as a partner. HR Wallingford and NHRI have kept frequent researcher exchanges and visits, and made unremitting efforts in the joint application of projects funded by Newton Fund.

Vice President LI Yun also expressed that NHRI would continue to increase support for JRC, and wish to enhance the cooperation in related fields through academic exchanges and visits, international seminars to promote the development and progress of water science and engineering in the world and make efforts to build JRC into a model window and an important channel for international water cooperation.

Ms. WANG Jinsu said that JRC was the only national one approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology within the Ministry of Water Resources, and JRC cooperative network had been kept developed with the joint efforts of JRC partners. She also wished that JRC would maintain its good momentum of development and make new achievements.

At the meeting, Prof. WU Shiqiang, Director of NHRI Hydraulic Engineering Department, Dr. Ali Dastgheib, Deputy Head of Water Science and Engineering Department, IHE Delft, the Netherlands, Dr. Valeri Penchev, President of BDCA, Bulgaria, Prof. LIU Yanli, NHRI Water Resources and Hydrology Department, Dr. HAN Guoyi, SEI, Sweden, Dr. WANG Zhengbing, Deltares, the Netherlands and Dr. Giovanni Cuomo, Technical Director of HR Wallingford, UK made presentations respectively, fully demonstrating the collaboration results among JRC partners and exchanging cooperation experience. An in-depth discussion on JRC long-term development and future cooperation suggestions was conducted among more than 20 participants from 6 JRC members.