China-UK Urban Flooding Symposium

Cities are the heart of human civilization. The urban population, estimated to be around 4 billion, accounts for half of the total number of human beings. Urbanization in China has been accelerating since the 1980s with the country’s total urban area expanded to 52,100 km2 and urban proportion of population raised to 56.1%. The process leads to changes in not only the ways of production and living, but also structures of economy, society and space. Increased human activities and magnified climate change contribute to the change of hydrological cycle around urban and surrounding areas, triggering further changes in rainstorm and flood patterns. Urban flooding has become one of the most common issues among cities of the world in recent years, posing great challenge to urban public safety under a changing environment. The issue also tangles with water scarcity, deteriorating aquatic environment, and aquatic ecological damage, greatly threatening water safety and restraining sustainable socio-economic development and ecological civilization.

Therefore, we are more than pleased to announce the China-UK Urban Flooding Symposium to be held in Nanjing, China from 16 to 17 Oct., 2017. The Symposium aims to convey latest updates and advances in urban flood control around the globe, facilitate exchange and cooperation between scientists and engineers from China and UK, and promote discussions on better solutions to urban flooding issues. Sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, the Symposium is hosted jointly by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute together with Hohai University and a number of related high-profile organizations. The event is also supported by “Urban Flood Control of China: Strategies and Solutions”, a key consultancy project funded by CAE. Focusing on urban flooding and drainage under changing circumstance, the Symposium is going to encompass both the Chinese and British academies of engineering for sharing of knowledge and experiences, and stir in-depth discussion on latest issues, technologies and success stories, so as to provide insightful thoughts for urban flood control and technical support for sustainable urbanization.

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