Belt-and-Road Seminar on Electrification Mode Based on Clean Energy Concludes in Hangzhou

Sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the 2017 Seminar on Electrification Mode Based on Clean Energy for the Countries along the Belt and Road came to a successful conclusion in Hangzhou on 1 June. 33 officials from Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, and Samoa attended the 4-week Seminar hosted by the Hangzhou Regional Center for Small Hydro Power (HRC).

On behalf of all the participants, Mr. Hamzah, Assistant to the Minister of Energy and Water of Afghanistan delivered a speech at the closing ceremony, expressing his sincere gratitude to the Chinese Government and HRC team for its hard work and effective management:

…… Besides sharing expertise in classroom, visiting equipment factories and project sites, including the magnificent dam of Three Gorges, wind farms, garbage power plants and solar energy manufacturers, the technological advancement in China and the peace, harmony, kindness and hospitality of the Chinese people were so impressive …… Actually what made this Seminar quite a special one was finding friends from other 6 countries in China, common in humanity and enthusiasm for development …… Let’s make joint efforts to surmount obstacles we encounter and contribute to the development of clean energy and protection of environment ……

The Seminar was spoke high among the participating countries, and its successful fulfillment marks a solid step of HRC along the Belt and Road Initiative to carry out in-depth cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road in clean energy and electrification.